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Monday, November 28, 2011

After successful training held at the Losari, 28 November 2011 as a place birth Nanang Qosim yusuf (NAQOY) to continue training at Al-Azhar Islamic Senior High School 5 Cirebon. Training was attended by 480 students from grade 10-12 is actually a very deep impression to the students of Al-Azhar on OMA (One Minute Awareness).

In his book The 7 Awareness of these sold NAQOY said that to make changes such as Muharram, the most important is that everyone found the OMA, and then practice the 7 awareness of heart and soul and do an hour silence for 21 days after the training. Training and seminar information contact the House Awareness (021-7291050, 081905666479)

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Written by Naqoy

Founder And Master Trainer The 7 Awareness