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Tuesday, August 8, 2023


Last Saturday, August 5, 2023 I deliberately left after dawn from my home, Serpong BSD Tangsel to go to SMPI Al-Azhar 9 Bekasi in Kemang Pratama Bekasi, the Parenting motivational event itself was held from 08.00 am to 10.00 am (grade 7), new students and 10.00-12.00 (9th grade students). Of course those present were not children but parents who were in grades 7 and 9 at SMPI Al-Azhar 9 Bekasi.
Exactly at 7.30 am my vehicle arrived at SMPI Al-Azhar 9 Bekasi, for myself coming earlier is important and a priority during events, since 15 years ago I have always changed my "mindset" when attending events, always 30 minutes early or even 1 hour , this is important because the event committee will be much calmer and happier than the resource persons who are late.

Self-management and team management are the keys to the success of the event on time, if my self-management is ok but the team management is bad it will have an impact on failing on time, conversely if the team management is good but self-management is bad it will also be an uncomfortable note. So Discipline is not only mine, but also that of the Naqoy Center team so that they are equally effective and make everyone happy.

Talking about parenting is an important factor for the success of educational fighters (children/students), because the success of an education lies in the 3 main keys, namely teacher strength, student strength and parental strength.
The third key is parents. When students and teachers have "peak performance" it will still not work when parents do not have the same vibration in the world of education. This is very important because a successful education will make Indonesian children much more successful in the future.

The morning class for Parenting The7Awareness Training was at 08.00 to be exact after being opened by the Principal (Mr. Amirudin, M.Pd) the parenting seminar was opened, a small and important question I asked parents of students that morning was "Why do many parents find it difficult to find happiness?" .

The answers must have varied, around 80 parents attended besides attending the Parenting class they also adapted to the rules and support system of SMPI AL-AZHAR 9 BEKASI. This was conveyed clearly and in depth by the Principal of SMPI-AlAzhar 9 Bekasi.

Apart from the school principal, the event was also attended by the Head of Jamiah SMPI Al-Azhar 9 Bekasi, Mrs. Hj Rina, who in her speech was very enthusiastic about welcoming the Naqoy Center, in parenting principles we must understand these 3 main things, namely:


It is human nature that each of them has a "unique" character. This is the problem that many parents fail to understand their children because it is difficult to accept differences, having more than one child must realize that they are unique. They are unique children who have interesting differences to explore their potential.


Every child is a miracle, even the magic lies in their minds and hearts, both of them are equipped with knowledge and wisdom.


Exploring the intelligence of children is not easy for closed parents, but it will be easy for open parents.
Happy practicing parenting knowledge


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Written by Naqoy

Founder And Master Trainer The 7 Awareness