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By Naqoy (Nanang Qosim Yusuf)



            Reading the book 21 days to be Transhuman, it cannot be separated from reading the previous book, "One Minute Awareness", because in the The7Awareness trilogy, namely One Minute Awareness, The7Awareness, and 21 days to be Transhuman, these three books focus on how human resources learn to become human above. average. In the book One Minute Awareness, it is explained that above-average humans have the formula for life which is T X I X P X K, Pressure X Dreams X Belief, and X Consistent. This multiplication is the initial capital of success above the average. Many people have had the three capitals of success such as heavy life pressures, real dreams, and high self-confidence but the difficulty of having istiqomah or consistency. Because without being consistent it becomes difficult to be above average.

          Since the COVID-19 pandemic on April 19, 2020, the 21 Days to be Transhuman training has been held every Thursday from 01.00-05.00 PM, in the training, there is coaching for 21 days through audiobooks and 21 days of books. Participants are guided every day by getting used to special habits, in the The7Awareness formula there is an expression that successful people are ordinary people who have extraordinary habits, among those extraordinary habits are the habit of 1-hour silence and 3 S consistently 21 days. The 21 days participants are also The7Awareness participants.

          The first part in The7Awareness is The art of esoteric thinking, the second ladder of consciousness becomes Human above the average the second is The art of esoteric silence, in one of the "Quotes" in The7Awareness book or The Heart of The7Awareness it is explained that "To Live We Need water, To meaningful life we ​​need silence ", it turns out that to live life all creatures need water, humans, animals and even plants. But to live a valuable life, above average we all need "silence" In The7Awareness training there is a formula called "S-R" Stimulus - Response", most humans on average every time there is a Stimulus (Stimulus) will give a Response, I want to give a real example, one day a friend was contacted by someone who told him that his son fell from the 4th floor at his school, is now in the hospital operating room, hearing the news he immediately panicked and confused, from the voice of the caller he could direct him to make a transfer worth 50 million, otherwise she will lose her child.

          Uniquely, when he contacted the school, it turned out that the teacher's cellphone and the fixed phone had all failed to be contacted, and he increasingly believed that his son was really in the hospital. My friend remembered the formula in The7Awareness about silence, he immediately performed ablution and sat for 5 minutes, didn't pick up the caller, and said 'Alhamdulillah, O Allah, my child is healthy. he went straight to his son's school. Finally, he was accompanied by one of his family to school and it turned out that his son was studying and joking with his friends, his son was initially confused to see his mother's arrival, but everything ended up beautifully. The caller realized that the mode operation failed because it had disconnected communication with the mother. Let's briefly dissect the secret to being above average human called "silence".

          Humans above average have a formula concept that is between Stimulus and Response there is a space called "Silence". The story above about a mother who finally succeeded in canceling the evil intentions of the fraudster started when she practiced the silence room, such as sitting still, breathing, and performing ablution. People who are easily panicked and anxious when a stimulus comes to them are often called "REACTIVE" while those who remain calm and clear of mind when a stimulus is present are called PROACTIVE.

          In the 3-day training itself, the Awareness of Silence material was delivered on the second day in the morning with the theme "Window of opportunity: because those who often and familiarize themselves with the habit of "silence" will easily find information windows about opportunities. Newton is told in the book The Heart of 7 Awareness while sitting in the yard and watching the apple fall, while holding the apple and doing "silence", with a question why the apple fell down, while the stars and the sun were just the opposite because his practice of silence in 10 years finally found " "Universal Gravity Theory" so that his position was compiled as the number 2 person in the list of 100 influential people in the world after the Prophet Muhammad by Michael H. Hart.

          In practice The7Awareness is trained on how to activate the habit of 'Awareness of silence' so that we always find answers to every problem we face, superior humans even have a new habit called "1-hour silence" which is carried out between tahajud prayer and dawn prayer. When thinking and thinking The solution between the hours mentioned is that research results prove that our brain is in an alpha state so it is easy to memorize, write and create innovation and creativity. This is the best moment to learn to be human and above average.


Participants who have practiced the secret of the magic of 21 days consistently "1-hour silence" will find many miracles of life that they could not even imagine before, especially with the power of the 3 S habits, namely Unconditional Happiness, Happy Alms, and Always Affirmation. This leads participants to get blessings that come in difficult or stressful circumstances. The book you are reading is a true story of participants who have attended 21 days of online training and coaching.

The story is divided into 5 main focuses, namely the first is finance, there are many participants who when attending the 21 days class are in a state of debt after practicing for 21 days their financial condition is getting better including debt free. The second is family problems, there are many participants, and the main problem is a family situation that is in crisis, such as on the verge of divorce, big family conflicts, and bad parent-child relationships, after practicing for 21 days there are many special miracles. The third is in terms of health, there are many participants who join because they almost gave up with a worsening health condition, a worsening illness made him full of fear and anxiety, for 21 days he was trained to make his heart happy unconditionally, finally his health condition is getting better in the 21-day process.

In addition to finances, the fourth problem that is often faced is about education, participants who lose motivation in learning, thank God there have been many 21-day alumni who before participating lost motivation due to age, etc., but after practicing 21 days he said that age or age is above 50 year is a great time to relearn. Fifth is the issue of spiritual and social mentality, these three things are interrelated, social relations and personal mentality are disrupted when spiritual relationships experience a setback. Many participants later found themselves istiqomah in night prayers without being forced

One by one, the participants wrote down their true stories, which were initially full of ordinary things and circumstances that were running in place, but with confidence in practicing 3 S and 1 Hour silence pushed themselves to become a different person from the others. Let's look at this true story, taking the term The7Awareness that every problem comes in a package with a solution. Happy listening great friend.


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