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My Mother


Every night in prayer the names of the children are mentioned one by one, I am the oldest son, so the one that is mentioned the most, Mother is very aware that as the eldest son, she has more burdens than my younger siblings. Even my late father reminded me with his One Minute Awareness "One day Nang, you are the one who has to replace you as a parent for them".

Every eldest child has a strong soul and is full of pressure, but it is this pressure that will give birth to him as a leader who must be ready to face any changes that come unexpectedly. Leaders are formed not by applause but by sneers and insults and even considered unworthy, but later in time the time will be the witness.

Mother is a symbol of time who is never bored, never tired of waiting for her children to succeed, when her child fails to ask her to get up and stand up for the umpteenth time, when she falls she will continue to train her child to stand.

Mother (Mother) when there is a dead end in front of her eyes, the light of her heart illuminates the darkness of dark alleys, like the sun that never finds darkness.

Mother is like an ocean that every time gets dirt and carrion from the river but can always throw it away, the ocean will not be easily affected by garbage for a moment. His sincerity and love are proof that he is a special human being sent by God on earth.

Her gentle hands since the first day her child was born, have magnets of sustenance that will open up her child's future. The words that were issued became the best prayer in the universe, when he was silent and crying, the inhabitants of the sky also asked what happened.

Even though the wrinkles on his face cannot be denied, his soul is still young, passionate and unyielding, no matter how great his children are in business, career and work in his eyes, they are still children who must be touched, asked about and loved all the time.

There is even a small question in this heart

Why are so many children successful after their mother died? It turns out that when she met the Angel of Death she wished her children success after going through a dead end.

He is the real angel in this world

There is love and fun for her children

Let today be the most beautiful memory, seeing his sincere smile, now he is not young anymore, in fact we are getting older. the more we realize his love of all time.

Love Hamesya



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