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 It is almost certain that the names of Elon Musk and esla have been widely discussed by citizens of the world, so that he has become an inspired phenomenon. In The7Awareness's view, the event experienced by the number 1 richest person in the universe has a moment called "One Minute Awareness, a minute that makes him find leverage to be above average. This is the opening door for someone implementing "No Box" leadership. in business. The term "No Box" itself is taken from Naqoy's latest thesis in the Masters of Management at Pamulang University in 2023. Local Wisdom was studied by an indigenous person who initially had great difficulties even in poverty but was finally able to build a campus with thousands of students even in 2023, just starting with new students reached 20,000 people.

What is, has been and will be done by Elon Musk is the No Box method. even though those methods sometimes have to stop for a moment to make new, special ways. Ways that haven't even been done before either by himself or others in doing it. Let's take a deep dive into Elon Musk's thoughts from the location of his factory, which many people have glimpsed. America itself is a country that has the characteristics of each city like this, if we look at Texas it always focuses on Oil and Gas, while talking about finance it is in New York, When talking about Automotive it is in Detroit Michigan, when talking about IT and its derivatives it is in California to be precise Silicon Valley.

Let's ponder for a while, does Tesla belong to the Automotive Industry category or not? Elon Musk does not place it in the industrial ecosystem in the Detroit area like the Ford factory and others, but Tesla is placed in Silicon Valley, this shows how he leads his industry that Tesla is not automotive companies but IT companies. His way of thinking is beyond ordinary human reason, taking The7Awareness's term is Transhuman or Human Transformation.


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