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The essence of happiness is change and intention, showing that the happier one becomes, the more happy one becomes better able to serve others more willingly and selflessly. The village where the Kyai is called not only religious but 'religious' people are used to helping their citizens when they are' religious' (religioprenour).

  From sick kids, kids from school to kids with no money. It is also explained in the book the Santri (Milal) jihad revolution, that the kyai and the founders of boarding houses are the driving force for better times. When one has found the true nature of happiness the path that will be done is not what I get but what I've given.

 Focusing on contributions instead of retribution is the 5th-century leader indicator (leadership of wisdom) that will be the focus and motivation for others. In its own the7awareness of leadership level, 5 is it's highest leadership in the wake of the covid pandemic of 19.

Learn the secrets of level 5 leadership in the 15th batch The7awareness training which will be held for 3 days from 5-7 Nov 2021. Registration WA. 087878289001


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