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For people who wish to contribute to the construction of the 2nd floor of the Indonesian Awareness House Hall, it is planned that this hall will be used for religious social activities which are free to the public. The free activities that can be prepared by foundation management include:

  • Public Speaking Training

  • Book Writing Training

  • Debt-free entrepreneurship training

  • Digital Marketing Training

  • Parenting Training: Above-average parents
  • Al-Quran Method Training
  • Mosque Management Training
  • Inspirational Teacher Training
  • Entrepreneurial Teacher Training
  • Training for children to be good at talking
  • Team building training
  • PAUD/Kindergarten management training
  • Inspirational Islamic boarding school teacher training
  • Public Speaking Training for Teachers
  • Public Speaking training for employees
  • English language training for business
  • English language training for education
  • Arabic language training for teachers
  • Arabic language training for students
  • Mandarin language training

For this noble cause, the Rumah Awareness Foundation opens donations to the public, please transfer to Mandiri Account 118-001-242-876-8

All types of training prepared by Rumah Awareness can be carried out by a community or society by sending a letter via email to naqoycenter@gmail.com, or WA. 087878289001.



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