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The 13th Naqoy book was made in 1 month and even faster because it will be launched right on Mother's Day in Tangsel City, of course, a special gift for Mrs. Hj Tini Indrayanthi Benyamin Davnie. This book explains women's leadership which is no longer just "Out of the box" but "No Box".

It also explains how the metaphor of a tree, of all trees, the noblest is the root, why? because the roots look for food and drink all over the land but when it bears fruit what is praised is the fruit and the shade of the trees, even the roots that are willing to look for food and drink everywhere are willing to cover the ground and be trampled by people who do not know them. They forget that no matter how great and how sweet the fruit is if the root is overturned and angry, everything will die forever.

If you want to have this book, please contact Naqoy Center (087878289001) email naqoycenter@gmail.com


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